Assistant Magazine.
Assistant is a new publication that speaks of the past, present and future of fashion. As its name suggests, the aim is to highlight the figure of the assistant, the professional who works or has worked in the shadow of big names in fashion and wants to become a big star in this industry.
For the header, we rely on the idea that the assistant who develops his work behind the main figure, can also shine. The double use of “SS" is taken to establish two levels and the "S" that stays in the background gives it a color tone to become a shiner aspect within the word.
Editor's in chief: 
Brais Vilasó & Xim Ramonell
Art direction & Graphic design: 
Mariano Fiore, Andrés Guerrero
Logo design: 
Andrés Requena, Mariano Fiore
Cover Photo: 
Joe Molines
Project Photo: 
La Industrial
Alex Marillat, Angela Soto, Angelia Improta, Arantxa Rueda, Asami Maeda, Blake Abbie, Brendan Burke, Brice Dossin, Bruno Werzinski, Céline Reymond, Chiao Shen, Christopher Kam, Danielle van Camp, Elisabeta Tudor, Fanny Schlichter, Jessica Gordon, Joseph Molines, Marina Iwankoshi, Mauro Mongiello, Miguel Figueroa, Patricia Yagüe, Pau Avia, Pawel Pysz, Pol Anglada, Rachel Pincus, Robert Cordero, Samuel Ruffin-Hendrix, Sofia Sanchez, Victoire Simmoney, Vincent Ferre, Virgili Jubero and Yoshie Kubota.

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