Mystics is an investigation into mysticism in the history of culture through the study of two universal figures: Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross. Saint John of the Cross.
The catalogue was conceived as a volume that shows its guts. The content is divided into two parts. The first part studies the relationship between mysticism and art through a series of articles by various authors. The second part shows the works of art in the exhibition, with commentaries on five thematic blocks. In terms of design, these two parts share many of the same layout features, but they differ above all in typography and in the treatment of the spaces, which are more comfortable to read in the articles and much more visual in the files.
Produced by
T20 Proyectos
Creative direction
Andrés Guerrero
Graphic design
Andrés Guerrero
La Industrial
José Luis Montero
Joaquín Zamora
Francisco Alcántara
Alberto Bódalo Valcárcel

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