The art collective Democracia published a catalogue for the 15th edition of La Mar de Músicas. The aim was to design a book that would be an extension of their work, expressing their thoughts and the attitude they take towards the current socio-economic and political situation, insisting that they are not "pose" artists. A book, like themselves, that cannot be silenced by anything or anyone.
The idea was born after immersing ourselves in their work, with a rough language, without mincing words, they carry out their projects because they really believe in them. Democracia is not intimidated by anything or anyone, so we had to create a book that never shuts up, shouts at all times, regardless of the consequences, a book that cannot be silenced (closed) by anyone unless it is destroyed.
Designed at
Creative direction
Joaquín Martínez de Salas
Andrés Guerrero
Graphic design
Andrés Guerrero

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