The circus company La Trócola is formed by four artists, who master different circus disciplines. They have been members of Donyet Ardit (Circus Association of Alicante) for years. At the end of 2012 they started a new project to create a medium-sized show, in which the research of objects is the protagonist. In this way they set up an elaborate analysis of movement, space and rhythm, as well as a refined acrobatic and juggling technique.
In its graphic identity, the main concept is movement, its acrobatics. The logotype tries to reflect the concept by means of a small typographic game (spinning and displacement). It makes us think, by its composition, of juggling at the same time. In fact, acrobatics and juggling are the two disciplines in which all the company's circus shows are developed. At a first reading it may seem confusing, but this small difficulty helps to understand the concept.
Creative direction
& design:

Andrés Guerrero

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