Bonker expresses that crazy and explossive attitude behind each bite of a Bonker Bao. The essence of the restaurant is filling the baos with all kind of ideas, mix of cultures and crazy combinations. But Bonker Bao is beyond street food: is Good Street Food, simple, accesible, but with great quality.
On every city exists a dark alley ruled by crazyness. Bonker bao is a culinary approach to those streets, where the Bao is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with exotic recipes that are pure fire and popular culture, beyond tradition, and where the flavour is the only thing that really matters. 
The space is designed to complete the experience of eating in the street, where the best things in the city happens.
Designed at
Rubio & del Amo
Creative direction
Guillermo Rubio
Julián Garnés
Interior design
Graphic design
Andrés Guerrero
Andrés Guerre
David Frutos (Space)
Porn food, literally.
The launching campaign appropriates itself of the codes of contemporary digital censonship on social media to suggest something "forbidden" and creating expectation with a tone that's almost pornographic.

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